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We are a healthcare consulting group dedicated to guiding our members through today’s complex medical network. Whether you are currently stuck in the system, or need help navigating various options, we advocate for quick health access solutions on your behalf.

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You or your family are experiencing an acute medical concern or are suffering with a long term chronic condition. After receiving a doctor’s referral to a specialist or a requisition for diagnostic testing (such as an MRI), you discover that your healthcare access is limited…  and consequently, experience significant wait times. You may also feel that a second opinion is reasonable after being diagnosed. Any of these scenarios may take months or even years to schedule – and that’s where we can help!

The foundation of Quick Health Access is built on three major pillars of healthcare:


Quick Health Access empowers and advocates on behalf of its members to take control of their healthcare journey. Identifying that more options exist beyond a primary care physician’s directory, our team rapidly connects members to top medical experts and additional healthcare solutions. Most importantly, Quick Health Access provides its members peace of mind to focus on what matters most – their own wellbeing. Our clinical network explores options with shorter wait times and more appointment options to regional clinics, testing facilities, and other medical services already connected within our healthcare system.

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